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Big camp 2024

Location: Adventist Alpine Village, Jindabyne. 
Date: April 12-20, 2024. 

South New South Wales Welcomes You!
This year we have upgraded the registration process, so please pay close attention to the form below to ensure a smooth experience for everyone.

All costs will be included in one simple online payment, so you know how much Big Camp will cost in advance. Once you have registered, you will receive confirmation of your application.

When registrations close on the 10th of March we will begin the site allocation process to secure the best site possible for as many guests as we can. We intend to do all in our power to ensure that you and your family are comfortable and safe.

After site allocations are complete you will receive confirmation of your registration and your welcome pack will be provided to you upon arrival.

Faster registration confirmation and easy payment process
Order your meal tickets ahead of time
Children/Junior/Youth activity registrations included

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